This quarter, Atoka artists are learning about local talent.  Painter, David Lynch is a Memphis artist who creates colorful and exciting images of downtown Memphis and historical landmarks.  As we viewed Lynch's work, I heard comments such as; "The buildings look like they are dancing," and "Ooh, the colors are fun!"
     Visit the website of artist David Lynch to see more of his amazing work!

e also are learning that artists often create from what they know and have experienced.  This is called the context.

Before looking at Lynch's paintings, students went on a virtual field trip via Google Earth. We named all the important landmarks we could think of and then found them in Google Earth. The kids had a blast and I encouraged them to talk to their parents about exploring the earth more from a home or library computer. We learned about Geography, Memphis history and technology ...and the kids thought we were just having fun :)
Click on the globe to see an example of our field trip to Memphis!

Are you a parent interested in helping your child explore more of the earth's wonders?  Download Google Earth here.  For the best touring experience, be sure to check 3D buildings and Street view in the menu bar.

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