Students in the art room, started working on a VoiceThread today.    My artists, viewed images of Romare Bearden's art and then left comments via a classroom microphone.  Day 4, 4th graders have done a great job getting us started.  Be sure to check back throughout the next week to listen to updates and assess how well our Atoka artist are communicating their thoughts and ideas about visual art.

If you see an "x" just click it to make it go away.  Click the play arrow to begin play.  Click on icons to hear from specific students and click on the arrow at the bottom right to skip to the next image.

Our featured artist this quarter is a man with Southern roots.  Romare Bearden, an African American artist, was born in 1911 in North Carolina.  His family moved to Harlem, New York when he was four years old but he spent many vacations with family in the south.

Bearden was lucky to live and work in Harlem during a time of change known as the Harlem Renaissance.  Music, art and poetry were changing all around him.  Jazz music had a big influence on Romare Bearden's art.  He loved the way the musicians used improvisation! 

Bearden is well known for his collage; art made by gluing papers together to make a new image.

Check out this great web page by The Metropolitan Museum of Art !  Take a tour of Romare Bearden's famous work "The Block," listen to music and narration and zoom in for close ups.