Grading & Conduct Policy

In order to promote a safe and respectful learning environment, students are expected to follow directions and to always put forth their very best effort.  Classroom rules for behavior are expected to be followed at all times.  We generally have a great time making art as well as learning about famous art and artists!

On the rare occasion that students choose not to follow directions or behavioral expectations they will be given a verbal warning.  If the student continues to disregard expectations, the student will be issued a TRACK Ticket.

TRACK Tickets

TRACK Tickets will be kept in the student's file in my office.  Parents will be notified if their child has received more than one TRACK ticket.


  • 1 Ticket  = S - (warning)
  • 2 Tickets = N, with chance to improve (note/phone call home, behavior needs to change)
  • 3 Tickets = N (phone call home, will not attend 9 week TRACK celebration)
  • 4 Tickets = U (possible parent conference, will not attend 9 week TRACK celebration)

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